Recovery Funding Headed To Community Health Centers

Community health centers in the Miami Valley are in line for a wave of cash approved by Congress in the $1.9 Trillion Recovery Act.

Local administrators say it will help them make up for some of their unanticipated expenses in 2020 during the COVID crisis.

“It’s great because it helps us recover some of the cost of dealing with COVID over the last year. We are blessed and fortunate but it has put a strain on our operations,” said Gregg Hopkins, Executive Director, Community Health Centers of Greater Dayton.

Hopkins runs multiple locations throughout the area, including the Charles Drew Health Center, the Victor Cassano Health Center, East Dayton Health Center, Corwin Nixon Health Center and the Dental Center, all in Dayton, plus the Alex Central Health Center in Miamisburg.

The funding will not only help facilities recover financially when it comes to materials, but also help them fill much needed job openings.

“We are hiring medical assistants and looking for a dentist as well,” Hopkins said. The Recovery Act is scheduled to provide the Community Health Centers of Greater Dayton with $3.2 million.

In Springfield, the Rocking Horse Community Health Center is in line to receive $2.4 million and will allow a continued higher level of health services.

“We can maintain an increased capacity for staffing and increased capacity for patients here at Rocking Horse,” said Shonda Wallace, Rocking Horse Community Health Center Chief Financial Officer.

Rocking Horse CEO, Dr. Kent Youngman, said the funding should begin arriving within the few months and allow them to expand some services as well.

“We have some plans for future projects, for an in-house pharmacy that will save costs and we understand we can use this (funding) for that as well,” Youngman said.

Once the funding begins to flow from Washington, the community health centers will have two years to spend it.