Prescription switch: Are you getting what the doctor ordered?

Published: Monday, November 20, 2017 @ 5:27 PM

Pill bottles on a pharmacy shelf.
Pill bottles on a pharmacy shelf.

It is common to be switched from a brand-name drug to its generic version. But now, some insurance companies may be engaging in a new kind of switch at the pharmacy. It is called therapeutic substitution and insurance companies say it is a safe and effective way to save money. Some pharmacists and doctors say they are concerned about the cost to a patient's health. 

Lynn Crisci suffered from migraine headaches after surviving the Boston Marathon Bombing. To stop the pain, Lynn's doctor prescribed the drug Sumatriptan.

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"I just hand it to the pharmacist and it's their job to put the right pills in the right bottle, whatever it is," said Crisci. "It just never occurred to me that this was not what my doctor prescribed."

The medication that the pharmacist filled was not Sumatriptan but a similar compound called Naratriptan. Lynn said she took the medication but her pain raged on. 

Prescription bottle with pills(Staff Writer)

"The switching, the saving money, that's business," said Crisci. "But, how are they not required by law to tell you that you got switched?"

Oakwood Pharmacist Kindy Ghussin said insurance companies can make the switch without telling you.

"There's not much you can do, " said Ghussin. "The insurance companies have so much power that the doctor and the pharmacist don't have much say," 

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However, a switch of medications led to complications for Dough Habecker. He developed a severe side effect, a skin condition called Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and he said he's worried it could happen again. 

"I'm extremely careful. I research anything before I take it," Habecker said. 

He battled his insurance company when it tried to change the insulin he uses, Novolog, for a similar drug called Humalog. The insurance company finally agreed to cover Novolog but Dough said his co-pay went up $20. 

Pharmacist Kindy Ghussein said everyone needs to be an educated consumer. 

“I just want to tell the patients that we are not the monster here," Ghussein said. "You've tog to look you at the insurance company and see why are they making it harder for you to get your medication."

Lynn Crisci is finally back on her original prescription and her pain is gone.

"For someone who was begging, begging for someone to help her die, this is a miracle," Crisci said. 

Ghussein said it is important for consumers to check the labels on their medications to see if the pills are the same color and made by the same manufacturer. If they have concerns, they could call their doctor. 

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Middletown police warn of impersonators pulling people over

Published: Sunday, July 22, 2018 @ 11:03 PM

Nick Graham
(Nick Graham)

Middletown police are warning residents about a group of teens pulling people over impersonating police officers.

Police made the public warning on its Facebook page on Sunday evening.

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Police said four white teens are driving around Middletown in a blue or gray convertible that has a light on the dashboard as well as a loud speaker and air horn.

Anyone with any information about these people or who may have seen this vehicle are asked to call police dispatch at 513-425-7700, option 0.

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New Ronald McDonald Family Room opens inside Dayton Children's Hospital

Published: Sunday, July 22, 2018 @ 8:51 PM

The Ronald McDonald House now has a new family room after a ribbon-cutting ceremony Sunday afternoon.

The new and spacious family room opened up inside the Dayton Children’s Hospital, according to a release.

The room is in the west wing of the hospital and has computers, napping pods, a kitchen, laundry, and shower facilities. It’s also furnished with a La-Z-Boy, along with staffing and resources provided by RMHC Dayton.

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Ronald McDonald House Charities of Dayton and Dayton Children’s Hospital held the opening for the new 2,500 square foot family room on the fourth floor, which was moved from the second flour.

In partnership with Dayton Children’s Hospital, this new Ronald McDonald Family Room was designed with the specific needs of families with impatient children in mind. These spaces help parents to stay close to their sick children.

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Kettering Medical Center hosts reunion for NICU babies and families

Published: Sunday, July 22, 2018 @ 7:50 PM

NICU babies reunited at Kettering Medical Center

More than 300 people celebrated a reunion for children born in a NICU and their families Sunday afternoon in the Nelson Conference Center located at 3535 Southern Blvd. 

Kettering Health Network hosted their third reunion for children who were patients in the hospital’s Level III B Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), according to a release.

Kettering Medical Center’s Level III B Maternity Unit and NICU provides advanced care in one location for patients coping with high-risk pregnancies and fragile infants. The NICU serves all Kettering Health Network maternity centers. 

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Today was a chance for families and health care providers to check-in on how those graduate children and their families were doing, and included babies born from 2015 to 2017.

Jackie and Danny Milling welcomed their twin daughters Bexley and June into the world last October. “I carried them to 35 weeks pretty good for twins. They still had a lot of things they needed help with,” said Mrs. Milling.

She credits the care she received at the NICU for helping her family get to a healthy start. “The NICU here at Kettering helped out little girls thrive and survive and become just as healthy as they can be.”

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This reunion was a second chance for the Millings to meet with what they call their second family. “They get to see our kids grow so much even though they’re still little. It was I think just brought up a lot of fond strong memories,” said Mrs. Milling.

“This is what fills our bucket and brings us back to our home away from home here in the Kettering NICU,” said Clinical Nurse Manager for the NICU Ginny Dalton.  

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Guest speaker Judge Hatchett spoke about Women’s Day at church in Dayton

Published: Sunday, July 22, 2018 @ 6:35 PM

Judge Hatchett St Luke

News Center 7’s Letitia Perry introduced TV personality Judge Glenda Hatchett Sunday morning as a guest speaker at St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church located at 2262 N. Gettysburg Avenue. 

This service was the culmination of a month’s long celebration of activities focused on women called, “The Queen in You.” “I am inviting all women to join me this month as we celebrate women exuding Christian values,” said First Lady of St. Luke Baptist Church Jasmine Allen.

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Judge Hatchett spoke for a Women’s Day Service to inspire women of the community, according to a release. She spoke about empowering and encouraging the women of the community to be their authentic selves and to utilize power within.

This event featured a 50-voice women’s choir, and the St. Luke’s Praise Dance Ministry. 

Pastor of St. Luke Baptist Church Rev. Renard D. Allen Jr. said the church was excited about bringing Judge Hatchett to the Dayton community because she is a perfect representation of this year’s Women’s Day theme.

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“Deeply rooted in the Christian faith, Judge Hatchett is an elegant and electrifying speaker with an ability to reach people across racial, gender, political, and even religious lines,” said Rev. Allen. “She uses her faith, knowledge, experience, and enormous success to inspire others to seize one of life’s greatest opportunities: to make a difference in the world from where we are. We expect the women of St. Luke and the city of Dayton will never be the same after hearing Judge Hatchett speak!”

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