Prayer vigil for Dayton shooting victims attracts dozens to Macintosh Park

Published: Saturday, August 10, 2019 @ 3:11 PM

Community holds prayer vigil in Macintosh Park

Prayers mixed with song Saturday afternoon as more than three dozen area residents gathered at Macintosh Park in Dayton as part of grieving for the Oregon District shooting victims.

The gathering was organized by the Catholic Sisters of the Precious Blood convent but all religious domination’s were welcomed to the vigil.

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The Rev. David Fox of the Calvary Mission Baptist Church joined others in leading prayers for healing for nine shooting victims and 27 wounded in last Sunday’s early morning shooting spree in Dayton’s Oregon District.

Fox said many in the area are overwhelmed by helplessness in the wake of such deadly violence but he urged vigil participants to do what they can.

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“And one thing we do know how to do is pray,” said Fox. “So all I can tell you is to keep on praying. Keep on praying and keep on praying.”

Jean Berry from Kettering, said the gathering was uplifting in the face of such evil violence and loss of innocent lives.

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“I think as a community it is so important to be together and to come together,” said Berry.

“I am a believer and I believe in standing for those people who have given their lives without their consent in this community. I’m also here because I disagree with guns. I believe the weapons of war don’t belong on our streets,” she said in reference to the semi-automatic weapon used by the shooter, which included hundreds of extra rounds in a specialized clip.

“Protecting yourself and your family in your home is one thing, but assault weapons that can fire these magazines full of bullets … there were nine people dead in 30 seconds,” said Berry.