Pike County Murders: Victim’s brother posts bond, is released from jail

UPDATE @ 7:20 p.m. (May 17)

James Manley, 40, posted bond and is now out of jail, this news outlet’s media partners at WCPO-TV in Cincinnati reported.

Manley, the brother of Dana Manley Rhoden, who is one of seven adults and a teenager killed last year in Pike County, was able to be released from jail in Ross County after posting 10 percent of his $80,000 bond related to the destruction of a GPS device installed by investigators on his truck.

UPDATE @ 11:10 a.m. (May 17)

James Manley appeared in court this morning and waived the reading of charges related to his alleged destruction of a GPS device installed by investigators on his truck.

No plea was required to be entered, and there will be a preliminary hearing on May 22.

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Manley’s bond was set at $80,000, subject to 10 percent, meaning he would have to post $8,000 to get out of jail.

We spoke to Leonard Manley the father of James Manley about the proceedings he stated,"It's one thing, you know, you lose eight people, and then they turn around and try to blame your boy for it. I know better than that. You can ask anyone in Pike County how my kid was."

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UPDATE, 10:15 a.m.: The father of James Manley said his son did not own the truck that investigators tracked with a GPS device in the last month when the Pike County murders happened more than a year ago.

Leonard Manley told us today that James, 40, turned himself in Tuesday after working in Lima.

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Leonard Manley’s daughter Dana Rhoden was one of eight people shot to death in four Pike County residences in April, 2016. No one has been charged in their deaths.

Investigators now “are just grasping at straws,” Leonard Manley said.

Meanwhile, a court clerk said of James Manley’s appearance, "It's gonna be a while. It's a Wednesday."

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EARLIER: James Manley, 40, is scheduled to be in court today to face charges of tampering with evidence and vandalism in connection to the Pike County murders.

Officials said Manley like would appear last in the series of arraignments to accommodate the number of media members and others there for the appearance.

Dayton Daily News reporter Will Garbe and News Center 7 reporter John Bedell will be in Pike County today covering Manley’s arrest and appearance.

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Manley is the brother of Dana Manley Rhoden, who was one of eight people shot and killed on April 22, 2016.

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