PHDMC opens COVID-19 vaccination clinic in Centerville

CENTERVILLE — Public Health-Dayton & Montgomery County opened one of its newest clinics in Centerville Wednesday and is hoping more people will come in to get vaccinated.

The vaccination clinic moved from the Dayton Convention Center to Sinclair College South and offers the choice for anyone coming in to receive the Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

News Center 7′s Mike Campbell spoke to people at the clinic who were waiting to finish vaccinations, as well as people who are not interested right now.

Paul Raterman was waiting to get the second shot of his Pfizer vaccine outside the Sinclair South campus buildings today.

Governor DeWine was saying, to complete the process and get the card,” Raterman said.

Although, Governor DeWine and PHDMC are concerned that vaccination rates are slowing.

PHDMC wants to make sure everyone knows about their two new locations and convince anyone that may be on the fence about being immunized.

“We have people that may not be against the vaccine, but they may not be real motivated either. We want to remove barriers, make it easy,” said Dan Suffoletto, spokesperson for

That is why clinics no loner require advance registration and now welcome walk-ins.

Angil Corey took part in a protest against County Prosecutor Mat Heck forcing his employees to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Corey says she doesn’t plan to take it but isn’t against vaccines as a rule.

“If someone chooses to do that of their own free choice, unmolested, un-bullied, based on their own information and circumstances, yes they should be able to take it,” said Corey.

Vaccination rates right now are around 40 percent in Ohio and Montgomery County.

Public Health officials are hoping the recent close examination of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will inspire confidence and an increase in people coming to the clinics.

“That review is a good thing. That means they are looking at it, taking every precaution to make sure it’s safe,” said Suffoletto.

The clinic will be open again from 9 p.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday, and they will also begin using mobile clinics this week to bring the vaccine where people are in the community.

PHDMC will open its second new permanent site next week at the Sugarcreek Company on North Gettysburg Avenue in Dayton.