‘Pay attention to the roadway;’ Drivers to see plenty of law enforcement this weekend

DAYTON — Safety is top of mind on the roads this holiday weekend as there will be plenty of law enforcement working extra hours.

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News Center 7′s John Bedell spoke with state troopers and local prosecutors about how they will be working to cut down on drunk driving.

As you are out and about driving this holiday weekend and if you see dangerous driving, you can call state troopers for help.

“Call #677,” said Sgt. Tyler Ross, Ohio State Highway Patrol. “We’ll get a trooper out there to assist you as soon as we can.”

If you see a law enforcement officer on the side of the road for a traffic stop, troopers remind drivers to move over or slow down. It’s the law here in Ohio.

“Get into that middle lane, get to the next lane if it’s available to you,” Ross told Bedell. “If it’s not, then slow down. And that goes back to the distracted piece. So pay attention to the roadway. Stay off your phone, stay off the radio and just pay attention.”

The Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office is offering free rides home to anyone in the county who needs a designated driver after drinking.

“Do you want to go home safe in an Uber... safe at no charge?” asked Mat Heck, Montgomery County Prosecuting Attorney. “Or do you want to go to jail after having a good time?”

Instead of calling a pre-recorded phone line for Arrive Safe, like in previous years, people can now scan a QR code.

The program offers a free ride up to $40 for a one-time use through the Uber app and does not include public money.

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Sponsors like Heidelberg Distributing and Budweiser are footing the bill.

“We want everyone to be able to relax and enjoy a beverage but it is very important to plan ahead,” said Susan Kneidle, Heidelberg Distributing.

You will notice more troopers out and about to keep you and your family safe this Thanksgiving, according to OSHP.

“The biggest drinking holiday of the year, typically the Wednesday before Thanksgiving through the weekend,” Ross told Bedell. “So, we are going to be an increased presence looking that as well.”

Bedell reports other departments will be holding OVI checkpoints through the holiday weekend.

There have been more than 5,400 OVI wrecks in Ohio this year, 458 of those crash have been deadly.

“You’re going to see the presence from the state patrol this weekend,” Ross said.