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St. Paris man wins money, prizes on ‘The Price Is Right’

Published: Friday, February 07, 2020 @ 2:00 PM

Daniel Weinert of St. Paris appeared on the Price Is Right Friday and managed to get called on stage, spin the big wheel and even had a chance to play in the Showcase Showdown.

A man from St. Paris in Champaign County appeared Friday morning on CBS’ “The Price Is Right,” and left with money and prizes.

Daniel Weinert was called to “come on down” and had the winning bid immediately on several pairs of women’s sunglasses. 

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Once on stage, Weinert played the Switcharoo game and won an ATV and a refrigerator. Weinert later spun the big wheel and came away with $1,000.

That win at the big wheel allowed Weinert to participate in the Showcase Showdown. He placed a $19,500 bid on a car, but eventually lost to another player who came closer to her original bid.