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WATCH: Video shows Richardson crying, telling her story in Carlisle buried baby trial

Published: Thursday, September 05, 2019 @ 2:26 PM

The jury in Brooke Skylar Richardson????€???™s murder trial heard from the defendant for the first time on Thursday, as prosecutors played a video of her first interview with investigators.

Brooke Skylar Richardson cried during her first interview with police as she described having her baby that she is accused of killing and burying in her backyard in 2017.

The video was played for the jury on Day 3 of Richardson’s trial in Warren County Common Pleas Court before court adjourned early for the day.


“You need to tell me what's going on ... am I going to be arrested?” Richardson says near the beginning of the interview.

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Later, she described her reaction to finding out she was pregnant: “My parents are going to kill me ... I didn't want to tell them, but now they are going to find out.”

Richardson says she had her the baby in the toilet.

“It came out when I pushed and it wasn’t breathing,” she said.

She continues to cry as she says the baby didn’t move and had her eyes closed.

“I never meant to hurt her,” she says. “Am I going to be in trouble?”


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Richardson says she had the deceased baby with her as she looked for a shovel to bury her. She “put a little hole in my backyard and put her in it,” she says.

She did an internet search for how to perform an abortion, but she says she was too far along and did not take any action.

"I did not try and kill my baby,” she says.

Later, Richardson’s parents come into the room and ask her about what happened. They tell Richardson that she lied to them.

“They are digging up stuff in the back yard ... the neighbors have already called me,” her mother says.

Richardson continues to tell her parents that she didn’t kill the baby. She continues to cry throughout the conversation with her parents and tells them that she was taking birth control even after learning she was pregnant.

“This is the single worst possible scenario you could have put us in,” her father says.