Pain at the Pump: Frustrated consumers get gas gift cards from protesting group

HUBER HEIGHTS — The high gas prices have people in the Miami Valley protesting.

News Center 7′s James Rider was in Huber Heights on Friday where one group spend the day urging anyone frustrated to speak out.

It was a unique protest. The group was giving away gift cards for gas.

Donovan O’Neil, who is with Americans for Prosperity is trying to help people deal with the uptick in gas, $2 increase since January 2021.

“It’s actually pretty impactful the stories we hear. I was talking to a couple landscapers who were coming through on the lunch break and filling up their tank. The price of gas has gone from $90 to fill up their equipment a week to over $400 a week to fuel their equipment to keep their stuff up and running for their customers,” O’Neil said.

News Center 7 talked with several people who are feeling the squeeze. One woman named Beverly said she’s on disability and has had to change a lot because of the increase in prices, especially gas.

“We have to take and figure out where we’re going to go. If we’re going to go to the doctor or can we go visit a family member. Well, you’re going to choose your doctor,” Beverly said.

For people that stopped by, they got a $24 gift cards to try and provide a little relief at the pump. Why $24 dollars?

Americans for Prosperity said it figures that’s about the difference in the increase that we’ve seen in the last year and a half just to fill up your car with gas.

Consumers said something need to be done. O’Neil hopes this setup encourages people to speak out and have their voices heard with these rising prices.

O’Neil said, “Stories that we hear, the conversations that we get to have with this true cost tour is just helping hopefully Washington’s hearing it and will drive them towards taking more swift action and drive toward solutions. "