Ohio Electoral College members cast ballots for President Donald Trump

Ohio Electoral College members cast ballots for President Donald Trump

Ohioans saw their votes in the November election put into action today when members of the Electoral College cast their ballots at the Statehouse in Columbus.

Since Donald Trump won the state by eight percentage points, all 18 electors cast their votes for Trump as well.

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The hour-long ceremony place in the chamber of the State Senate, with Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose presiding over part of the event. LaRose said the 2020 election in Ohio was without any major problems and good enough for other states to study if they want to improve their voting systems.

LaRose also praised county election workers, poll workers and volunteers who helped to make the election work as well as it did. LaRose called it “perhaps the most difficult election ever conducted in the state of Ohio” because of the logistical challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

After the vote, Ken Blackwell, an Elector from the 1st Congressional District, said President Trump may not be done yet. He said additional appeals of court cases may continue even after the vote of the Electoral College nationwide. The Trump campaign spent the last month trying to undo the vote in multiple states won by President-Elect Joe Biden, claiming fraud, but having no success in the courts.

When asked what President Trump might do next, Elector Rob Scott, Kettering, said Trump continues to have a very strong following nationwide and whether or not he is a candidate for office, he will continue to be a force in the Republican Party.