ODOT announces $2B investment to improve transportation throughout state

The Ohio Department of Transportation announced they plan to invest $1.92 billion to improve transportation throughout the state.

ODOT held a kickoff event Tuesday that focused on road construction in nine counties throughout the Miami Valley, where there will be 74 projects spending $125 million to make roads safer to drive on and hopefully bring new business to the area.

The event was held right in front of on-going work to widen I-70 in Clark County, where a big chunk of the money will be going towards finishing the addition of three lanes at Route 68 all the way to Route 72.

I-70 will now be three lanes from Dayton to Columbus in each direction.

Another big local project is adding a third lane to Route 35 between Smithville Rd. and I-675.

ODOT officials agree that there is always a need to upgrade and improve roads.

“It’s going to be a great improvement to that section of 35, providing three continuous lanes, safety shoulders, a center barrier wall down the middle,” said Josh Bowman, ODOT District 7 Construction Engineer.

ODOT says they added $330 million of federal stimulus money to the $1.6 billion they had earmarked to make this year’s statewide construction price $1.92 billion dollars.

The completion of the I-70 widening project is a big milestone for ODOT, and they say it will make driving safer for all of us.