Tornado hit near South Vienna, Clark County, NWS investigators confirm

UPDATE @ 5:38 p.m.: An EF-1 tornado did hit near South Vienna in Clark County, National Weather Service investigators confirmed.

According to the Enhanced Fujita Scale, an EF-1 tornado produces wind speeds of 86 to 110 mph.

Details as to the timing, the path width, beginning and end point, wind speed and specific damage indicators will be released later today, according to the weather service in Wilmington.


The National Weather Service is sending a crew to South Vienna in Clark County to investigate storm damage in the village.

The crew will determine if a tornado caused the damage or straight-line winds, according to the National Weather Service.

Multiple neighbors in the village say they heard a train-like whistle during the storm Sunday evening and then saw multiple trees down, fences damaged and debris blown around.

“You just don’t think you’re going to experience that,” said Rachel Roe, who hid in her basement with her 7-month-old when she heard the wind pick up.

“We did have some roof damage,” she said. “We’ve lost some shingles. We had a little bit of flooding to our garage.”

Another neighbor, Naysa Mowell, saw two big trees down across the street after the storm passed. She spend Monday afternoon removing one limb.

“It needs to be picked up. Our tennis court got destroyed,” she said. “The sooner I get this cleaned up, the sooner we can get this tennis court that belongs to the village fixed.”