On News Center 7: Middletown woman charged with child abuse for incident captured on nanny cam

Published: Monday, February 11, 2019 @ 4:12 PM

A local baby sitter accused of abusing a baby boy in her care is in jail after she didn’t appear for her initial hearing in the case.

Alyson Lester, 21, of Middletown, is charged with child abuse and she was arrested after a warrant was issued when she didn’t appear for her hearing on Jan. 30.

An in home surveillance camera was in a vase on the mantel pointing down where 10-month-old Owen Becket was laying.

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>> Middletown woman caught on nanny cam facing child abuse charge

Corrie Beckett, Owen’s mother, had just left for work when she saw something disturbing on the camera.

The video showed Tester allegedly yelling at the child and then sitting on the child as he continued to cry.

Corrie raced home to find he son’s lip cut open and blood on his shirt.

After telling Tester to leave, Corrie took Owen to the hospital and then called police.

“She has a record now that will follow her around, and I hope that ultimately protects other kids from her,” Corrie said. “God forbid she has one of her own.”

Tester is scheduled back in court Jan. 30.

Join us on News Center 7 beginning at 5 as Kayla Courvell shows you what triggered the boy’s mother to take the extra step of installing a surveillance camera.