Newborn left in Safe Haven Baby Box at Indiana fire station

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. — Firefighters named a newborn baby "Grace" after she was left in the firehouses's Safe Haven Baby Box.

Volunteer firefighter Lt. Chuck Koehler said he received an alarm from the box. He got to the fire department within 30 seconds, and heard a baby crying. He opened the box and checked the baby, then waited for paramedics to arrive, according to our affiliates at CBS Chicago.

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Baby Grace still had the umbilical cord attached and was taken to a nearby hospital. Her mother did call a 24-hour Safe Haven hotline prior to dropping off the baby.

There are two stations in the nation with the Safe Haven Baby Box. The box at the Coolspring fire station was installed about two years ago. The box allows mothers to give up their newborns as part of the state’s Safe Haven law. The law allows mothers to give up newborns by dropping them off at hospitals, police stations and fire houses.

The box is climate controlled and allows mothers to safely surrender their newborns without having to look someone in the eye, according to CBS Chicago.

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Once the door is opened, a silent alarm is triggered and a 911 call is sent. The baby box will be locked once firefighters and paramedics arrive on scene.

This is the second time the box has been utilized in about 5 months.

Those considering leaving a baby at a safe haven location or who have questions about options can call the state's Help Me Grow hotline at 1-800-755-4769.