Motorcycle safety urged as pandemic brings more riders on the road

Motorcycle season is officially here, but it’s not just warmer weather bringing more riders on the roads, the pandemic is also playing a role.

News Center 7′s Gabrielle Enright spoke with the general manager and co-owner of Buckminn’s D&D Harley Davidson to find out what riders need to know to stay safe on the road, and how the pandemic has changed the industry.

Marshall Foiles says that pandemic has changed the motorcycle industry with many people now viewing riding as an easy way to get outside and practice social distancing.

With the pandemic prompting a new crop of bike owners, Foiles says that high demand is leading to short supply on almost everything bike related.

“Our inventory is down probably 60 to 70 percent of what we would normally have,” said Foiles. “So if you find a motorcycle you like, you’d probably better buy it because someone else will come in and buy it right after you leave.”

He says there is also a back-order problem for parts and accessories.

While Foiles practices patience waiting for parts, he is urging motorcyclists on the road to practice safety.

“Watch for potholes, probably haven’t filled a lot of them. There’s gravel in intersections left over that hasn’t washed away, and watch out for traffic,” Foiles said.

Foiles also urges drivers to watch out for motorcycles too, especially since the surge in sales means more riders will be on the road.