More Vaccine Incentives Could Be Coming

Gov. Mike DeWine, in the third week of the Vax-A-Million drawings to promote the coronavirus vaccine, said Thursday he is pursuing plans to add more giveaways to the public. It would come from private companies in Ohio.

“We are working on that, actually working on it this morning, not quite ready to announce anything but we have some additional incentives and things that the private sector have been working on and we hope to announce those in the next few days,” DeWine said.

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The new incentives could come in the form of cash prizes or gift cards. It would be in addition to the $1 million prize awarded each week by the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Lottery. A total of $5 million is being given away over five weeks. Also, five full college scholarships are being given away.

In this week’s drawing, retired engineer Mark Cline, 64, of Richwood, Ohio won the $1 million. Also, 13-year-old Sara Afaneh of the Cleveland area won the college scholarship.

Cline was given the good news by the DeWine and First Lady Fran DeWine when they visited his home Wednesday night. Cline told the Governor during the media briefing Thursday that ever since he learned of his good luck it has been an overwhelming experience.

“From the moment we looked out and saw you on our doorstep things just started moving a million miles a minute and we’ve had family and friends reaching out and congratulating us,” Cline said.

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DeWine asked Afaneh, who is only an 8th grader, if she had even given college a look yet.

“I thought about going to college but I’ve never looked at colleges a lot,” Afaneh said.

Her mother, Summer Afaneh said she was anxious for her family to get the coronavirus vaccine as soon as they qualified for it.  

“It helps us and it definitely helped my 17-year-old so that’s how we’re looking at it,” Summer Afaneh said.

Cline made a pitch for other people to be vaccinated too.

“It’s about getting the vaccine. I hope everyone makes that decision to get it and looks after their friends and neighbors,” Cline said.