More than 100 medications in short supply; How pharmacies are being impacted

MIAMI VALLEY — Shortages have ranged from things like food to workers and now prescription and over-the-counter drugs are being added to the list.

While this is not the first time the country has experienced a drug shortage, it’s one of the worst experts said.

More than 100 medications are on the Food and Drug Administration’s drug shortages list.

“It’s not just the prescription medications, it’s also our over-the-counter medications. We have never been shorted as much as we are right now,” Justin Coby, director of pharmacy at Cedarcare Village and Pharmacy said. “Because of the over-the-counter issues that we’re having with medications that we order you can be waiting for medication for 90 to 120 days based on what the issues are.”

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While some drugs have a generic that’s comparable, it isn’t the case for others.

This can create issues for those who rely on specific medications to survive.

The FDA states that these shortages are due to supply chain issues with 80 percent of active pharmaceutical ingredients being made overseas in China, India, and Europe.

If your medication is in short supply, experts suggest contacting your physician or pharmacists for possible alternatives.