More coyotes spotted in the Miami Valley; What police warn not to do

KETTERING — Spottings of coyotes in Kettering have jumped recently, and police want people in the area to know what they can and can’t do when dealing with the animals.

Monday, the Kettering Police Department went to Facebook to educate people in the area.

Police say it is illegal to kill, poison, trap, or relocate coyotes in Kettering.

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Officials have seen more wildlife during the day looking for food and a place to live. The post goes on to ask people to not feed coyotes.

Normally coyotes grow to weigh between 25 to 35 pounds and eat rabbits and mice. However, they have been known to kill small dogs and cats.

Kettering PD wants to reassure people that it’s not common for coyotes to attack humans but always watch your children.

For further questions or concerns, please call KPD’s Community Service Specialist, Shelly Davis at 937-296-3266.