Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office prepares to roll out body-worn cameras

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is ready to roll out body-worn cameras for 225 deputies.

The sheriff’s office is doing final testing on its recently purchased and installed system before putting the cameras on everyone in the department.

News Center 7′s Mike Campbell spoke with Sheriff Rob Streck who says a lot of work is about to pay off.

Streck says the body worn cameras are the right step in restoring and building trust with law enforcement, and once county commissioners approved funding he placed orders right away.

“I believe 100 percent it will help my employees, my deputy sheriffs, and I believe 100 percent it’s going to help the public,” said Streck.

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Streck says he knows body worn cameras don’t solve everything and can be knocked around, but they would provide even more of the full picture.

“They don’t see everything, but at this point they’re the best option out there,” he said.

The sheriff’s department is not the only ones working to get body cameras in service,

The Dayton Police Department says that one-third of the department has already received training for the new equipment.

The sheriff’s office has created a new unit just to work with the large amount of data storage and evidence gathering the cameras will require.

If everything goes well, the entire department could be wearing the cameras in just a matter of days.

The Dayton Police Department says that the majority of its training and rolling out equipment will be done through the month of April, and they are still on schedule to finish implementing the process and have all officers outfitted by the middle of May.