Montgomery County coroner presents new image scanning technology

Coroner's office seeks new equipment to aid investigations

To celebrate National Forensic Science Week, the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office and Miami Valley Regional Crime Lab showed new technology they want to get.

The Lodox Imaging scanner takes a full body X-ray in just 13 seconds.

“Once the images are scanned, you can manipulate the image,” Montgomery County Coroner Dr. Kent Harshbarger said. “It’s really valuable technology with the speed.”

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Harshbarger said the equipment could have made a difference in the aftermath of the Oregon District shooting.

“We processed the remains over three days,” he said. “I probably could have done most of them, if not all of them, on Sunday.”

The equipment also will improve the quality of evidence and be less labor intensive for the people operating it.

“We get a lot more information on multiple cases because we have an easy process and a fast process so more bodies are going to be X-rayed when we have this technology and also we’re able to present better in court,” Harshbarger said.

The Lodox Imaging scanner has been requested in the 2020 budget, which county commissioners will have to approve.