Miami Valley residents react to new CDC mask guidance

MIAMI VALLEY — Some people are back to wearing masks regardless of their vaccination status following new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC now recommends that even those who are fully vaccinated wear masks while indoors in public spaces if they are in an area of substantial of high transmission. This is to reduce the risk of becoming infected with the Delta variant.

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While a mask mandate has not been issued statewide, the CDC has also recommended that teachers, staff and students wear masks when they return to school in the fall.

Lori Wintrow, of Dayton, told News Center 7′s Candace Price that she is not happy about the CDC’s recommendations.

“I got vaccinated. I don’t feel its necessary to have to wear a mask anymore,” Wintrow said.

The CDC said fully vaccinated people can still transmit the Delta variant to others, but Wintrow said she does not think it is the responsibility of the vaccinated to protect the unvaccinated.

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“You choose not to get vaccinated, that’s fine. That’s on you, but I have and it’s not my job to protect someone who is not going to get a vaccine,” Wintrow said.

Norm Wentland, of Dayton, disagreed with Wintrow and said everyone should listen to the medical experts.

“I’m concerned more about the variants that will follow than the current Delta. Yeah I’m concerned about Delta. It’s killing people that don’t need to die, but the longer we allow it to mutate, it turns a variance that may not be abated by the vaccination,” Wentland said.