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Marijuana in makeup spreading across the beauty industry

Published: Thursday, November 08, 2018 @ 5:30 PM

Cannabis in cosmetics

Allergy sufferer Autumn Williams was impressed after trying a new vegan mascara on her sensitive eyes.

"It's separating my eyelashes really well, " said Williams. " They already look twice as thick as they did before."

Williams had no idea that the mascara is infused with Cannabidiol Oil also known as "CBD," as extract used in various forms of medical marijuana. 

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"I've never even heard of that. I've never even heard of vegan mascara," said Williams. 

We found the use of CBD and hemp oils is spreading across the beauty industry, popping up in serums, moisturizers, makeup, nail polish and cologne. We found dozens of products carried by major stores and at least three retailers in the Miami Valley. These products have an array of promises based on CBD's anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties including smoothing wrinkles, thickening eyelashes, improving skin and even your mood. 

"I think it's fascinating," said Lynda Hamilton of Oakwood. "It seems to be a new application but I would want to know more about the safety of it before I just started using it every which way."

"There's no reason to really stress out about it. There's much more harmful chemicals in makeup than just that," said Cindy Smith of Greenfield. 

Dr. Gregory Samano said he is not surprised by the plant-based explosion and he only expects it to grow. 

"These topical products, they're not going to make you high or anything like that. They don't have the psycho-active components in them," said Dr. Samano.  

Right now, Dr. Samano said data is limited in defining the benefits. As long as the Cannabis plant is considered a Schedule One drug on a federal level, studies in the U.S. are limited. Another drawback, similar to the vitamin and supplement industry, is a lack of regulation. There is no way to know that what is promised in a product, is really there. 

"I'm a fan, I think," said Autumn Williams. "We'll see."

Dr. Samano joins other physicians who are not yet ready to endorse Cannabis, but he is optimistic as the future unfolds. 

"I'm excited about it. I think it's going to show a lot of progress as time goes on," said Dr. Samano. 

The Ohio Pharmacy Board recently ruled CBD products can only be sold by licensed medical marijuana dispensaries, but the rule is not yet being enforced. 

Local retailers we spoke with say they are selling off their supplies of CBD products to avoid fines in the future.