Lyrid Meteor Shower peaks this weekend, but clouds could block the show

This weekend another major meteor shower will peak, the Lyrids, but clouds might prevent us from seeing the shower at its peak.

This is a rather active shower that will be paired with an almost dark sky. The waning crescent moon will be a very thin sliver in the night sky meaning it won’t be shining too brightly.

Unfortunately, clouds may ruin our chance here to see a good show when it peaks Saturday, April 22nd before dawn.

If you are an early riser, get out to an area without much city light an hour or two before dawn and look to the east.

The shower is active through April 25th so you might have better luck another morning this week.

If you don’t see any meteors you can at least try and find Venus. April 22-24th before dawn it will be paired close to the moon. It will be shining brightly in the east.

Don’t forget to share any photos you take over the weekend with us using the hashtag #SkyWitness7