Love in the ER – MVH doctors save lives and build life together

Valentine’s Day is over, but here is still love in all of Miami Valley Hospital’s emergency rooms.

As they work hard to save lives, doctors Megan Dines and Scott Koncal have built a life together.

“Every couple months someone that works with us will realize we’re married,” Dr. Koncal said.

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The pair met during freshman orientation in 1999 at Cornell University. Two decades later, they both work overnights, rotating through MVH’s seven ERs and raising their 9-year-old son.

“I totally get what he does, he totally gets what I do,” Dr. Dines said.

Though they generally work their shifts at different hospitals, they have both been working hard during the pandemic.

“There’s always some aspect of unknown in everything that goes on in the emergency department, pandemic or not. And a pandemic certainly adds a different twist on that,” Dr. Koncal said.

Dr. Dines explained, healthcare workers did not have time to adjust when the pandemic hit.

“You just keep working your shifts and you keep taking care of sick people, because that’s what we’re there to do,” Dr. Dines said.

Though they do the same job, they have different styles of care.

“He’s the fun one,” Dr. Dines said of her husband. He described her as “the thorough one.”

Having two full time physicians in one house can be busy, but Dr. Dimes said they make it work because they love what they do.