LISTEN: 911 calls released from Tuesday’s tornado

Published: Wednesday, April 04, 2018 @ 1:12 PM

LISTEN: Greene County tornado damage 911 calls

News Center 7 has obtained the 911 calls from Tuesday’s tornado.  List below are statements from three of the eyewitnesses. 

Caller 1:

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"I'm out here off of Clifton Road." 

"A tornado has hit out here." 

2200 block Clifton Road. 

"It got me and my two neighbors. It destroyed outbuildings, the roads' blocked, metal (expletive) everywhere." 

"A tornado hit. I saw it come across the field." 

"We just have no power or nothing."

Tornado confirmed in Greene County, NWS survey continues

Caller 2:

"There was a telephone pole blown over in the road." 

"It blew down in front of me."

Flood cautions remain in effect today

Caller 3: 

"There's trees down on 235." 

"That tree almost hit me when it came down."

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