Insecticide spraying in Beavercreek, experts advise to stay inside

Published: Wednesday, July 11, 2018 @ 3:24 PM

Greene County health workers are working to keep the spraying of bug repellent to a minimum in Beavercreek this summer with widespread insecticide. Health workers, like program manager Mark Isaacson, monitor mosquitoes with traps in areas where they are a problem.

Areas like Dayton Xenia Road and Shady Lane, where resident Angela Morris lives.

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“This is an amazing place to live,” Morris said. Yet, Morris complains that the mosquitoes are horrible in her area.

“You can’t be outside more than two minutes because they’re all over your skin and eating you alive,” Morris said.

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Isaacson wants to ensure people like Morris can enjoy their time outside. News Center 7’s Gabrielle Enright was with Isaacson when he collected insects from a trap at a park bordering the Beavercreek wetlands.

“If we catch 50 to 100 mosquitoes we know we’re in a serious problem,” Isaacson told Enright at Rotary Park; but zero blood-sucking bugs were found in the trap Wednesday because health workers sprayed the area before Fourth of July, according to Isaacson.


At 9 p.m. Wednesday, workers will spray insecticide in the area of Willowcrest and Grange Hall roads, in addition to Dayton Xenia Road and Shady Lane.

“We’re excited to see this,” Morris said. “We’re hoping to get out and enjoy our neighborhood.”

Health experts advise that you, and your pets, stay inside during the spraying.

Mosquitoes collected in traps are taken to the Ohio Department of Health to be tested for the West Nile Virus. No mosquitoes in Greene County have tested positive for the virus this year.