Increased traffic, police presence on the minds of UD students ahead of Flyers game

Increased traffic, police presence on the minds of UD students ahead of Flyers game
Fans stand for the national anthem before a game between Dayton and Indiana State on Saturday, Nov. 9, 2019, at UD Arena. David Jablonski/Staff

DAYTON — Before tonight’s Dayton Flyers game in front of another sold-out crowd at the University of Dayton Arena, students have noticed increased vehicle traffic and a need for increased safety on gamedays.

“There's a lot more people everywhere. I've seen a lot more police around just making sure everyone's safe,” UD senior Beth Hoffman told News Center 7’s Kayla Courvell.

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Hoffman, who has a ticket and plans to attend tonight's game against Atlantic 10 Conference foe Rhode Island Rams, also has noticed the increased security at the Arena, including the added metal detectors that were installed at the beginning of the season.

Other students said they will stay at their campus homes for to watch tonight’s game.

“Everywhere is packed during gametime,” UD student Morgan Warnock said. “You can’t get into places like Milanos or R Taco, or anywhere else to watch it.”

“I noticed there's a lot more traffic so I think inherently there's a lot more police to direct that and mitigate any risks that are going to happen, because with more people there's more risk,” student Liz Overbeek also told News Center 7’s Kayla Courvell.

With the increase in traffic and people around campus, all three students expressed relief knowing extra officers would be around campus.

“Knowing they're here is nice. I don't see too many things going wrong but just knowing they're here,” Warnock said.

Public safety tips for students are posted on university websites to prevent crimes like theft that could happen on gameday. Public safety officials encourage students to always lock doors to rooms and houses before heading leaving and to secure belongings.