I-TEAM: Tracking Skimmers - Today at 5pm on News Center 7

DAYTON — The I-Team has spent the last several months looking into the latest skimmer-detecting technology.

Since the start of our I-Team investigation, skimmers have been found in two locations in the Miami Valley.

Consumer Investigative Reporter Xavier Hershovitz tests the new technology, so you don’t have to and talked with an expert to see if it’s worth it.

Joe Harris is very familiar with just about every gas pump in Montgomery County. He’s the county’s chief weights and measures director.

“When we’re coming out to check the gas and trying to make sure that the gas pump is pumping accurately,” Harris said.

While that’s the main thing they’re looking for, “The first thing we do is look inside,” he said. “Next thing I’ll do is check the card reader to make sure there are no illegal or foreign devices inside the pump.”

I-Team Consumer Investigative Reporter Xavier Hershovitz goes out and tests different gas pumps in five different Miami Valley locations today on News Center 7 beginning at 5 pm.