‘I came to vote;’ Dayton Mayor casts ballot in August special election

DAYTON — Time is running out for voters to cast their ballots for early voting for August’s special election.

>>PHOTOS: Dayton Mayor early votes in August special election

NewsCenter 7 was at the Montgomery County Board of Elections when Dayton Mayor Jeffrey Mims cast his ballot on State Issue 1.

“I voted no,” he said. “I think we need to preserve the rights we currently have of a 50-plus one majority on all statewide issues.”

Mims also thinks it’s important for all citizens in Ohio and the City of Dayton to vote and “preserve the rights we currently have.”

>>State Issue 1: Those for, against proposal continue debate about the constitutional issue

If approved, Issue 1 would amend the state constitution making it harder to change it with future amendments.

It would require signatures from all 88 counties to get an amendment on the ballot, then a 60% statewide vote to pass future amendments.

Right now, the standard is signatures from 44 counties and a 50% statewide vote, plus one.

Election day for State Issue 1 will be August 8.