How to spot the planet Jupiter through weekend

Wonder what the bright looking star is at night in May? It is likely Jupiter you are seeing! May is a big month for the planet.

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On May 8, Jupiter was at opposition or exactly opposite of the sun. This made it the brightest in the night sky it will be all year. The opposition of Jupiter just means it is opposite of the sun as seen from earth. When the sun sets, Jupiter will rise and when Jupiter sets, the sun will rise (opposite each other).

Jupiter is out basically all night long during the month of May. This gives you plenty of time to find the bright planet in the night sky.

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For the end of the month, the big and bright moon will be close to becoming full (May 29). Starting May 26, the moon will be close to the bright planet, Jupiter. On May 26, head outside around dusk and look to the east/southeast and see the moon first. Jupiter will be to the bottom left.

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The moon will be closest to Jupiter May 27 when they are next to each other.

A bonus planet to look for in the evening sky is Venus! It will be setting after sunset in the northwestern sky.