How to listen to Sunday’s Browns game on 95.3 and 101.1FM The Eagle

The Cleveland Browns will face off against the Tennessee Titans this Sunday, and you can listen to the game on 95.3 and 101.1FM The Eagle.

The game airs at 1 p.m.

The game will not be carried locally on CBS.

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“Sunday is a single header weekend for CBS affiliates so every CBS station across the country only gets to carry one game. Because Dayton is a secondary Bengals market and the Bengals' ratings have been historically much higher than the Browns' ratings, we've been assigned the Cincinnati @ Seattle game. While we'd like to carry both games, unfortunately that's not an option. Please be assured that when there is an option, we will ask to be assigned to the Browns games.”

The NFL, not CBS, decides which Sundays are double header and which are single header.