Neglected horses removed for ‘deplorable conditions’ in Greene County, rehabilitating in new home

UPDATE @ 7:00 p.m. (8/24/18):

A Greene County Humane Society worker volunteered to take four neglected horses from Bath Twp. to her own home to begin the process of healing and rehabilitation.

Sarma Orlowski said it was obvious the horses had been through a lot, received little food and little attention.

The horses were removed earlier this week from what’s being described by investigators as deplorable conditions and animal neglect. The horses have pronounced hip and rib bones, which should not be seen, said Orlowski.

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"It's not willful, violent, nasty…it's just ignorance and negligence. So I'm not angry but I wanted to get them the heck out of there," said Orlowski.

Orlowski said she’s already seeing improvement, and her and the horses are getting along. She will spend two days getting them comfortable, and then start with some basic training.

“They’re resilient,” she said.

She’s hopeful the horses will be ready for adoption in the next few months.

“They’re going to be fine,” said Orlowski.

FIRST REPORT (8/23/18):

Four horses have been removed from a penned area and barn in Bath Twp. as part of an animal neglect case, Greene County Sheriff Gene Fischer said.

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The horses removed Thursday from the property in the 800 block of West Hyde Road will be taken to a place nearby where they will be cared for, the sheriff said.

Greene County Humane Society investigators removed two horses Wednesday and approximately 32 cats about four weeks ago, the sheriff said. Most of those felines were put down because of illness.

Humane society investigators have been working the West Hyde Road case for three or four weeks, he said.

Fischer said criminal charges could be pursued depending on a decision from the county prosecutor's office.

WHIO-TV's Sean Cudahy will have more on this developing story at 5 p.m.

We will update this report as information becomes available.

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