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Beavercreek police, sheriff’s office see uptick in thefts from cars

Published: Thursday, October 05, 2017 @ 11:24 AM
By: Richard Wilson

UPDATE @ 3:10 p.m.

Beavercreek police are continuing to investigate 21 incidents of thefts from vehicles that have been reported since Sept. 1, according to Capt. Chad Lindsey.

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“It is believed that multiple people are involved, but it is unknown if any of thefts were committed by the same group or a different group each time,” Lindsey said.

All the vehicles that were entered were unlocked, and stolen items include purses, computer equipment and prescription medications, according to Lindsey.

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In some incidents, gasoline was siphoned away and catalytic converters were cut off, Lindsey said.

Locations where multiple thefts were reported are Stonebridge Apartments (Sept. 5); Enclave Apartments (Sept. 9); Shakertown Road and Talowood Drive (Sept. 26) and Hunter’s Ridge/Hunter’s Pointe (Oct. 4), according to police.

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The sheriff’s office is advising residents to lock their vehicles to avoid becoming a target for the thieves.


Law enforcement agencies in Greene County have gotten dozens of reports in recent weeks of thefts from vehicles, and the sheriff's office is advising residents to lock their vehicles.

The sheriff's office has received more than 30 reports of thefts from vehicles over the past two weeks, and that number does not reflect reports taken by other agencies, including Beavercreek and Jamestown police departments, according to Capt. David Tidd. 

The uptick prompted a sheriff's office advisory being sent out this morning that states "Most victim vehicles were left unlocked."

"Just locking their cars would deter most of the thefts," Tidd said. "We have not taken any complaints where windows were broken out or doors forced open." 

Tidd said among the cases that the sheriff's office is investigating, all of the vehicles were parked in driveways. Mostly loose change was taken, but some electronic devices have been stolen as well, Tidd said. 

This news organization is looking into how many similar reports have been filed with other law enforcement agencies in the county.