Greene County Sheriff’s Office warns of phone scam

Greene County Sheriff’s Office warns of phone scam

Greene County — The Greene County Sheriff’s Office said Sunday that they have become aware of a phone scam in which names of Command Staff members and other elected officials such as judges are being used.

The scammer presents themselves as a member of the Greene County Sheriff’s Office Command Staff and says that there is a warrant out for your arrest for “failure to appear for jury duty” and “contempt of court,” according to an official release from the sheriff’s department.

If you hang up and call back, a female answers the phone and says “Greene County Sheriff’s Office” and then transfers you to the named staff member.

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Victims of the scam are told that they can avoid being arrested by prepaying a bond and are then directed to purchase MoneyPak or Green Dot cards to make payment.

Once payment is given over the phone, the victims are told to appear on a certain day and time at the Clerk of Courts office to submit to a handwriting analysis.

The release stated that victims of the scam are even being told the name of the judge that issued the “warrant.”

“At no time will a citizen be contacted by a member of The Greene County Sheriff’s Office, over the phone and be asked to make payment of any kind for any reason. If someone is asking you to purchase gift cards or money cards to make payment, know that most of those cards are untraceable and that is why they want you to purchase those,” the sheriff’s office made clear in the release.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office is an Accredited Agency and do not accept Money Cards for payment.

People who receive calls like this are urged to hang up and report the call to a local law enforcement agency immediately.