Flood protection system could kick in as Great Miami River rises

Flood protection system could kick in as Great Miami River rises
Recent rainfall could cause the Miami Conservancy District to close storm sewer gates to prevent the Great Miami River from flooding. STAFF PHOTO / MARSHALL GORBY

MIAMI VALLEY — The Great Miami River is up and expected to continue to rise due to recent rain.

Experts with the Miami Conservancy District said that the river will continue to rise for about 24 hours after the rain stops.

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But the rain isn’t the only thing causing the river to rise.

Runoff from the street that flows into storm drains also ends up in the Great Miami.

This rain could be enough to make two of the Conservancy’s dams — ones in Englewood and Germantown — hold back water and gradually let it downstream.

Something that Miami Conservancy crews will need to do is close storm sewer gates along a couple downtown communities on the Great Miami.

The process essentially prevents river water from backing up into the streets in places like Dayton, Piqua, Troy and Miamisburg.

“Normally the storm sewers flow out into the river under normal conditions,” said Mike Ekberg, manager at the Miami Conservancy District. “But as the river rises, we don’t want to see that river water backup into the storm sewer systems.”

Crews will also be working to clear leaves from the curb to help drainage in wet weather.