Family, friends honor victims of deadly motorcycle crash with memorial ride

FAIRBORN — Family and friends gathered Saturday to honor the lives of two people killed in a motorcycle crash in 2017.

Sherill Cruea and her boyfriend Brook Fudge were killed when their motorcycle hit a car in Spring Valley in October of 2017.

For five years, bikers from around Greene County have gathered to remember not only to remember the two but also to raise awareness.

“To watch for them, look twice, you don’t go through a light, always make sure you’re aware of your surroundings. A lot of people don’t know this but when you cut your grass and it goes onto the street that’s like ice to a motorcycle,” Tonie Cruea, Sherill’s mother cautioned.

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Before the ride, the motorcyclist met at Sugar Mellons in Fairborn, the home base of the motorcycle club “The Greyriders.”

Cruea said that many people think motorcyclists are “bullies” or “tough” but she said, “they are some of the most charitable people you will ever meet.”

She added that after her daughter’s death, the Greyriders visited her home to check in with her and express their condolences.

Cruea was 25, and Fudge was 23 years old.