Tornado damages force family to use daughter’s cancer care funds to pay for essentials

Published: Thursday, June 20, 2019 @ 11:47 AM

A Beavercreek family had to use money raised to help with their teenage daughter's medical care after tornadoes hit the area on Memorial Day.

The Memorial Day tornadoes destroyed a Beavercreek family’s apartment as their teenage daughter is fighting cancer.

The Belchers said the money they had just raised for medical funds had to go toward replacing essentials after tornadoes hit the area.

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The tornadoes ruined just about everything the family owned, including the teen’s cancer medication.

Dayton Children’s Hospital replaced the medicines immediately, but Kelsey Belcher is back in the hospital.

They said doctors believe the stress from the tornadoes may be to blame.

“Our lives kind of have been turned upside down,” said Gary Belcher.

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Just hours before the storms swept through Beavercreek on Memorial Day, the Belcher family had a fundraiser for Kelsey Belcher, who has leukemia and diabetes. 

Her parents said they had to use the $600 raised for her medical care to replace the essentials in their destroyed apartment instead.

“After we figured out everyone was safe, we went outside and saw what was up and it looked like a war zone,” said Gary Belcher.

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While picking up the pieces after the tornadoes, Gary and Shana Belcher are trying to stay strong for their daughter.

“You have to take it,” said Shana Belcher. “You don’t have a choice but to take it.”

Kelsey Belcher was in the ICU earlier this week, but recently was moved out.