Fairborn accidentally sends false tornado warning to residents 

Published: Thursday, May 17, 2018 @ 10:01 AM

The City of Fairborn had an accidental activation of the city’s Hyper-Reach program, which sent a false tornado warning to numerous residents Thursday morning.

Fairborn police Capt. Steve Holcomb said “an employee was reviewing policies and inadvertently set off the tornado alert.”

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Fewer than 25 percent of the 7,000 residents signed up for the city’s service received the call as officials were able to halt the activation, Riley said.

In January, a false alarm in Hawaii sent people scrambling for cover when they thought a missile attack was imminent. Text alerts were sent to cell phones and radio broadcasts were interrupted with the message.

The Hyper-Reach system sends recorded messages to telephones in specific areas in order to alert residents to emergency situations requiring immediate action, according to the Fairborn's website. The system can send messages to cell phones, landlines, email addresses and TTY phones. The system can also send text messages to users. All landline phones in Fairborn are automatically registered, according to the city.

Greene County, Fairborn and other municipalities within the county jointly purchased the Hyper-Reach service in 2012. The product replaced the CodeRED notification system Fairborn used since 2005.

We’re working to learn more about this incident.

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