Eclipse glasses all gone ? Here are some options

Eclipse viewing glasses are in short supply, but there are other ways to look at the eclipse indirectly.

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A pinhole projector is easy to make, but trees can also be a creative way to look at the eclipse today.

If clouds cooperate enough, you will want to look at the shadows of trees today, said Storm Center 7 Meteorologist Kirstie Zontini. The space between leaves will act like a pinhole projector, casting shadows that look like crescents based on how far along we are during the eclipse.

According to NASA, the height of the trees and space or number of leaves can influence the look.

You can also safely take a photo since you aren’t looking directly at the sun, but rather at the ground and the shadows.

Last week, online sellers were charging a premium and hoped to spark bidding wars on sites like Ebay.

Listings started at around $20 but one listing we found was asking $100,000 for four pair of the paper glasses.

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“I think it’s ridiculous,” said David Race of Butler Township, “they are hustlers, they are just trying to make a buck.”

Race is taking advantage of another option. He bought three pair of welding goggles to view the eclipse from Weiler Welding in Dayton.

“Here in the last couple of days this has really exploded for us,” said Weiler general manager Dave Radominski.

Weiler has sold out of the darkest number 14 welding goggles, but is expecting to get the number 12 model in soon.

“Twelve might be a little bright for some folks. So if you’ve got any type of an eye issue- if you’ve got Lasik surgery or if you’ve got cataracts- you might want to stay away from the 12’s, but I htink for most people the 12’s wil be just fine,” said Radominski.

Experts recommend you not look directly at the sun or eclipse without approved glasses or goggles because retinal damage or blindness may occur.