Driver drove past officers before crashing into veterans memorial in Fairborn

FAIRBORN — New details are emerging after a man drove his vehicle into the Fairborn Veterans Memorial at the intersection of Central Ave. and Main St. early Saturday morning.

Police were able to respond as quickly as they did, because the driver actually drove right pass them before crashing into the monument.

News Center 7′s Mike Campbell obtained video through a public records request and it shows police seeing the man drive past them, then hearing him speed up, lose control and crash.

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The video showed a Fairborn Police Sergeant see the driver quickly pass them and tells another officer to back him up and they go to investigate the driver. Both the Sergeant and officer hear the driver speed up and lose control.

The officer’s cruiser camera shows him arrive at the center of town, bounce over debris in the street, do a U-Turn to find the driver trapped in his vehicle.

Mike Foy, who runs several downtown Fairborn businesses, was an eyewitness of the accident. He told Mike Campbell that he could not believe what he saw.

“[It] looked like an airplane crash to me. There was just debris everywhere,” Foy said.

The damage to the memorial is extensive. City officials plan to rebuild.

Police said the driver survived the crash and that the department is still considering several potential charges against him.