Deputies and officers taking precautions with OVI checkpoints on St. Patrick’s Day weekend

MONTGOMERY COUNTY — Deputies and officers have been out with increased patrols and OVI checkpoints Friday night as people finish up their St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

>>PHOTOS: Montgomery County OVI Checkpoint in Washington Twp.

News Center 7′s Brandon Lewis spoke with people at Harrigan’s Tavern as they enjoyed St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

He also spent time with law enforcement and they say there should be no excuse to drive home impaired.

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the holiday’s Mark Moser, the owner of Harrigan’s Tavern, loves.

“I mean what more do you want, cold beer, good food, and good people,” he said. “You know, that’s awesome.”

Several people were out enjoying the day.

“I’m a single father, me and my ex-wife have 50, 50 custody,” said Geoffrey Palkowski. “This is my week, she always knows. St. Patrick’s Day is my week.”

>>PHOTOS: St. Patrick’s day celebration in Kettering- Harrigan’s Tavern

Lewis says nothing but green filled the tavern Friday along with its tent next door. Everything from what people wore to what they drank.

“Everybody’s loving it,” a woman told Lewis. “If you look around, you see a lot of green tongues.”

But along with the celebrating comes safety.

>Sheriff’s deputies warn against drink and driving over St. Patrick’s Day weekend

Outside Harrigan’s Tavern, shuttle buses took people to other popular spots like the Dublin Pub in Downtown Dayton.

“My friends do not drink and drive,” said Lonnie Lyle of Kettering.

Lewis says drivers in Washington Township had to go through an OVI checkpoint Friday night on State Route 725 and Paragon Road.

“I think it’s great,” said Jeff Kuns.

“Why?” asked Lewis.

“Keeping people safe,” Kuns answered.

“Oh yeah,” said Travis Allen. “Got to keep everybody safe.”

>>WATCH: Dayton police officer hurt after cruiser hit by suspected drunk driver on St. Patrick’s Day

Lewis reports deputies chose checkpoint locations based on previous data.

Deputies arrested 27 people for impaired driving at or near the checkpoint in Washington Township the last two years, according to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

“Some are going to make good decisions not to drink and drive or they’re going to designate a driver,” said Captain Andy Flagg, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. “They’re going to call a cab, Uber something to that effect. And you know, those are all great and responsible decisions. Our problems come from those that are making the poor decision.”

If you see a suspected drunk driver, you are encouraged to call 911 or #677.