Daytonians say national summit on mass shooting a good idea ... if action follows

Dayton residents side with the idea of a national summit to discuss the threat of mass shooting, but the idea will be a good one only if there is action that follows the talk.

"It's such a touchy subject with so many people," Robert Richter told News Center 7's Monica Castro on Wednesday night. "I think it would be beneficial."

Attorney General William Barr on Wednesday said he wants a national summit in December "to confront the threat of mass shootings as part of a federal law enforcement campaign to refine our ability to identify attackers before they strike."

The subject remains a touchy one because of the mass shooting in the Oregon District in August, which put Dayton on a list of 283 such shootings that have occurred across the nation as of Sept. 1.

Barr has not said exactly when or where the summit will be.

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