Dayton Mayor, City Commission debut new electric vehicles for city fleet

DAYTON — The city of Dayton has unveiled new electric vehicles for the city fleet.

Mayor Jeffrey Mims and Commissioner Matt Joseph revealed the new vehicles, which replaced the internal-combustion engine vehicles that were aging out of the municipal fleet.

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The purchase of the five new Chevrolet Bolt EUV’s was driven by “Strategy for a Sustainable Dayton,” a Commission-approved plan, started in 2020, to move City of Dayton operations to more environmentally sensitive and sustainable conditions by pursuing continuous reductions in fossil fuel consumption, according to a release. The city previously pledged to convert its fleet to all electric vehicles by 2035.

“We still have a long way to go to reach our goal to be fully electric by 2035, but we as a Commission are committed to electrifying the City fleet, which will not only reduce carbon emissions but save our residents money,” Joseph said.

The city spent roughly $140,000 to get the five new vehicles, with plans to purchase several more electric vehicles in the coming months.

Mims spoke at the unveiling of the new fleet vehicles and said that the city was moving to electric vehicles because it saves money, as well as wear and tear on the vehicles. On average, an electric vehicle can save $1,000 on fuel each year.

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Mims also said the change would help the planet.

“We know that we have this issue dealing with the whole issue of global warming and the kind of effect that it has as far as our society is concerned,” Mims said

The new vehicles will be deployed throughout different departments and programs in the city, including Police, Planning, and the Dayton Mediation Center.