Dayton International Airport now a tobacco-free campus

Published: Friday, January 18, 2019 @ 7:20 PM

The Dayton International Airport is now a tobacco-free campus.

The City Commission passed a resolution Jan. 1 that added language to the Airport’s rules and regulations to prohibit the use of tobacco outside of certain dedicated smoking areas at or within the Airport campus, according to a release.

All persons, tenants, tenants’ employees, Airport employees, guests and travelers are required to follow the rules and regulations.

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This includes smoking and smokeless tobacco - inhaling, exhaling, burning, vaporizing, carrying any lit cigar, cigarette, pipe, e-cigarette or any other like device, tobacco that is chewed or snuffed rather than smoked, which includes dipping tobacco, moist snuff, dry snuff, chewing tobacco, snus and other types, the release stated.

There are currently two locations that are signed and dedicated as smoking areas: one pre-security near the entrance of the Cargo Road Employee Parking Lot and the other post-security near the outside of the Field Maintenance Building.