Dayton approves over $5 million contracts to repave roads, fill potholes this spring

DAYTON — Your morning commute could take a little longer as crews work on a much-needed road and resurfacing project.

Since 2017 Dayton has spent more than $37 million to try and keep streets and highways in good condition for drivers.

More than 90 miles will be resurfaced this year, which is more than the 66 lane miles raved in 2021.

After completing this residential street project the city plans to complete a street repaving contract to complete thoroughfares and alleys as well.

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This is just after a rough winter when crews spent weeks fixing potholes all over the city.

Most of the fixes done over the winter were temporary and some roads need to be redone completely.

“Potholes is an ongoing activity for us until we pretty much try to get around to other residential streets that need to be repaved. Potholes are just a temporary fix. So that is just an ongoing process with labor and the asphalt that we’re going to temporary paths to home,” Fred Stovall, director of public works for Dayton said.

Stovall said the city hired contractors to do this job so that city workers could focus on other jobs that needed to be completed.

The Dayton city commissioners approved nearly $5.3 million for two contracts through John R. Jurgensen Construction.