Dad, law enforcement issue warning about teens and alcohol this prom season

Dad warns teens about the dangers of drinking during prom

Brian Cooper is continuing his mission this prom season, a mission made especially critical after a drunk driver killed his son.

He commemorates Corey's death by volunteering and speaking for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, warning young people and parents about teenagers and alcohol.

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He knows every prom season comes with the temptation for teenagers to drink.

"It doesn't take much alcohol for a teen to be considered under the influence," Cooper told News Center 7's Monica Castro on Thursday.

He's also urging parents to not host minors at gatherings where there will be alcohol.

"Parents don't be the cool parent, don't host those parties, don't let the kids do it," he said. "Have a safe party for them and give them activities or whatever, but keep the alcohol out of it."

The prom season in Ohio typically is from April to June, so the Ohio Investigative Unit this week issued a warning that it's illegal for parents to serve alcohol to people under 21 who are not their children, even at parents' homes.

It's also illegal to buy alcohol fo anyone under 21 and illegal for anyone under 21 to drive with a blood-alcohol level of 0.02 or higher.

OIU agents also recommend that limo companies review policies with drivers who could be charged with allowing underage consumption.