County crews clean up property where 7 were sickened by high carbon monoxide levels

Published: Thursday, October 10, 2019 @ 2:44 PM

Jarod Thrush/Staff
Jarod Thrush/Staff

Montgomery County zoning crews and deputies responded to a house two days after seven people were hospitalized from high levels of carbon monoxide.

PREVIOUS REPORT: 3 kids among 7 hospitalized from high CO levels in Harrison Twp. home

A zoning official said crews were requested to help clean up the property in the 4400 block of Canyon Road in Harrison Twp. Thursday morning. 

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Additional details about the activity at the house were not available. However, firefighters previously said they were going to attempt to have the house condemned by the health department. 

Dump trucks and an excavator were on the scene removing items and loading them into the truck. 

Jarod Thrush/Staff

On Tuesday, seven people were hospitalized due to illness after high levels of CO were found inside. Of the seven taken to hospitals, three were children. 

Investigators said on Tuesday four generators were running inside the house with no ventilation and the house also didn’t have power. 

>> CO call at Harrison Twp. house one of more than 20 calls for service there in last year

Family members who live in the house told our crews it was a wood-burning stove that was the source of the CO, not the generators. 

Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputies have been called to the house at least 20 times for drugs, domestic violence, thefts and a shooting within the last year, according to dispatch records.

In April, a shooting victim was found inside the home. The victim had been shot 12 hours before anyone called 911, and the victim had refused help. Shell casings were found inside the home.