CBC celebrates World Blood Donor Day next week

The Community Blood Center based in Dayton is celebrating World Donor Day next week along with blood centers and health facilities around the globe.

World Donor Day is June 14, with the theme “What can you do? Give Blood, Give Now, Give Often.” The World Health Organization campaign underlines the role everyone can play in helping others in emergency situations “by giving the valuable gift of blood.” Also, the WHO said it’s important to donate regularly “so that the blood stock is sufficient before an emergency arises.”

There are 36,000 blood donations needed each day in the United States, and the CBC said the need for blood and platelet donations increases during the summer months.

Nexcare bandages will provide limited-edition bandages with city-inspired designs to those who donate, the CBS announced.

The CBC provides blood components and services to 25 partner hospitals in 15 counties across Southwest Ohio and Eastern Indiana. To donate or for more information about donation and requirements, go to www.GivingBlood.org