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Carlisle buried baby trial: Here are the 28 people who testified over 6 days

Published: Thursday, September 12, 2019 @ 6:00 AM

Lt. John Faine who is now retired from the Warren County Sheriff's Office was questioned on the stand Monday about the death of a new-born baby in the Brooke Skylar Richardson case.

The defense rested its case in the murder trial of Brooke Skylar Richardson on Wednesday, ending six days of evidence presentation and testimony.

Here’s a look at the 28 people who testified for the prosecution and defense:

Wednesday, Sept. 11 

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• Chris Curry, an English teacher at Carlisle High School

• Ashley Brown, a former classmate of Richardson’s at Carlisle High School 

• Dr. Stuart Bassman, a psychologist who examined Richardson and described a mental disorder that causes her to be predisposed to submit to authority

• Traci Reilich, a counselor at Carlisle High School

• Jackson Richardson, Richardson’s brother

• Annie Campbell, a friend of Richardson’s

• Dr. Mark LeVaughn, a forensic pathologist who said the mode and manner of the baby’s death is undetermined

• Joe Danzer, who created and showed to the jury a virtual tour of Richardson’s home

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Brooke Skylar Richardson's father testified in her case for the defense.

Tuesday, Sept. 10 

• Scott Richardson, Richardson’s father 

• Dr. John E. White, of Mount Auburn OB-GYN, who testified about his opinion that Richardson delivered a stillborn baby 

• Alan Hirsch, a professor at Williams College who studies interrogations and false confessions 

• Leanna Lyons, who worked with Richardson at Atrium Family YMCA & Children's Center  

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Monday, Sept. 9 

• John Faine, former Warren County Sheriff’s Office lieutenant, who interrogated Richardson twice. He is now retired. He was also first called to testify on Sept. 5

• Brandon Saylor, Richardson’s boyfriend at the time she gave birth 

• Chris Wong, Warren County Sheriff’s Office detective who pulled information from devices and cell phones in the case

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The defense and prosecution questioned Dr. Susan Brown in the trial of Brooke Richardson.

Friday, Sept. 6  

• Dr. Susan Brown, a forensic pathologist and the Montgomery County Coroner's Office, who testified the baby died from ‘homicidal violence’

• Dr. Krista Latham, a forensic anthropologist from the University of Indianapolis who did a second evaluation of the baby's remains 

• Dr. William "Kim" Brady, a fetal medical specialist who testified about his determination of the health of Richardson’s baby for the prosecution

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Thursday, Sept. 5 

• Amy Dallaire, an Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation lab technician, who did DNA testing on the baby's remains 

•  Faine, who testified for the first of two times in the case

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Wednesday, Sept. 4 

• Trey Johnson, the father of Richardson's baby

• Ashley Sparkman, a medical assistant at Hilltop OB-GYN, who testified about Richardson’s April 2017 visit during which she learned she was pregnant

• Dr. William Andrew, the OB-GYN who told Richardson she was pregnant in April 2017

• Allison Campbell, an employee of Hilltop OB-GYN, who was asked by Andrew to follow up on prenatal care, but who said she couldn’t reach Richardson 

• Dr. Casey Boyce, from Hiltop OB-GYN, whom Richardson told in July 2017 that she had her baby in secret 

• Kelly McKay, a Warren County Sheriff's Office deputy who searched Richardson’s home and backyard in July 2017

• Sarah Vaught, a Warren County Sheriff’s Office deputy who also searched Richardson’s home and backyard

• John Smith, a Warren County Sheriff's Office deputy who searched Richardson’s home 

• Dr. Russell Uptegrove, Warren County Coroner