Buck Moon Faint Lunar Eclipse this Weekend

Buck Moon Faint Lunar Eclipse Saturday

This Fourth of July weekend is going to be warm and it is the perfect chance to get outside with the family and enjoy the night sky!

A full moon on Saturday night will be a special one. The full moon is sometimes called the Buck moon but what makes it special is that a lunar eclipse will be happening the night of July 4th.

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A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the moon. The Earth casts a shadow on the moon. There are different types of eclipses. When the moon passes through the inner or darkest part of the Earth's shadow and looks red, that is a total lunar eclipse. If the moon only gets hit with part of the dark shadow, it is a partial eclipse. Finally, the type of eclipse on July 4th, the moon only gets clipped with the very faint part of the Earth's shadow so to the naked eye, it will be very hard to notice.

It is still fun though to get outside Saturday night and look at the moon. The eclipse will happen around midnight.

If you don't notice the eclipse because it will be so subtle, you will be able to see Saturn and Jupiter! The two planets will be to the left of the moon in the night sky!

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